Learning with your kids

Have you ever noticed that how kids are always interested in learning? They are always ready to pick new things whether it’s a game, a new word, meeting new person etc. As adult we are restricted due to some rules. We are cautious, baised, and hesitate to accept new experiences.
I remember when I moved to this society, I didn’t knew a single person here. I never took initiative to talk our neighbors or someone in the park. It was continued for almost two years. When I applied for new passport and I had to give the contact details of two neighbors I couldn’t find anyone.
But after baby I became more receptive. I started talking to new people. I know almost every person who comes in our park and in good terms with my neighbors also. This I have learnt from my daughter. She taught me to be open to everyone. I have entered in a new phase of learning. I have better relationship with my friends now. We talk more than earlier and share our happiness and sorrow.
I feel with my daughter a new person also born in me. With her I am learning to be a child again.. No restrictions, no hesitation, doing what I want. With her I am learning again to talk, to play, to read, to paint, to play, to be kind and good person.

With her I am learning to be bindass.


Read to you child

Do you guys read to your child? Does your child watch TV or YouTube? I find reading to your child is the best way to keep them busy and focussed. They learn new words and vocabulary and it increase their power of imagination. Mahika love listening to stories and I read daily for her. She was addicted to videos and TV. Whenever she was bored she use to ask for rhymes. Definitely it was my mistake to introduce her to screen but as a new parent you don’t know what is good and bad for the kids. Screen can effect your kid’s eyes as well as it can limit the power of imagination in your child, which is not good for this age. They may become screen bound and can’t enjoy the real world. I realized this, when I saw mahika enjoying videos more than her surrounding when we go out. Limited screen time is not bad but it can be very difficult to limit it after some time because they become addicted to it.
So for me solution of this problem was reading to her. Now when she ask for videos I tell her come let’s read your books. But habit of reading books and love for books doesn’t develop in one day it takes time. I introduced books to her when she was only 6 months old. When baby starts sitting you can introduce them to touch and feel books.
You can start reading to them as early as possible whether they listen or not. Here are few points to develop reading habits in your kids.

📕 Introduce books to your baby as early as possible. Best time is around 6 months when they starts recognizing different things. Start with colorful touch and feel books.

📕Start reading to them and make it a habit of reading to your child before going to bed. In the beginning they wont listen a word you are saying but don’t stop reading, it’s like inculcating good habits in your child. You can stop when they are bored and read it again next day.

📕Keep the books within the reach of your child so that they can read or see their books whenever they want and would be able to bring their favorite book to you for reading.

📕I feel books are the best gift to your child. So on my daughter’s 2nd birthday I gifted her books. These days you don’t need to buy expensive book, there are some sellers who sells preloved imported books.

Traveling with kids

Guys hows your travelling experience so far with your kids?
Want to share my traveling experience with baby or toddler.. We travel a lot by car long distance because mine and my husband’s parents both live in different cities. With Mahika we never found difficult to travel by car. Few things one should keep in mind before traveling long distance by car.

1. Invest in a good car seat. It’s always easy traveling with kids if you have a car seat. It’s not safe to travel holding baby in your hand or lap. Never sit in front with toddler, it can disturb/distract driving. It’s all excuse to say that my kid never sit on stroller or car seat.. it’s all about developing habits. Make sure that your baby always sit in his car seat not like that we are going for short distance let him/her sit with me.

2. Try to plan your travel early morning so that most of the journey your baby is asleep and when baby wakes up you can take a stop and continue your journey ahead.

3. Breastfeeding was always savior for me while traveling. If your baby is weaned off bf pack some of his favourite snacks. I find best traveling snack is fruits especially banana and oranges. These days you can get small tetra pack of milk 200 ml one it doesn’t get sour in summers and easy to carry.

4. If you are travelling in day time and your baby is not sleeping and he is bored of sitting in one place take few breaks and then continue your journey.

5. Pack some of your baby’s favourite toys and books. It will help keeping him engaged during your journey.

Hope these points help the new mommies while traveling with your baby or toddler.

Car seat is from Amazon India, brand@luvlap

Hinglish medium

Do you guys know there are two types of schools in North India? Hindi and English medium. Schools teaching all subjects in Hindi are Hindi medium . They are generally government schools. English medium are all private schools in which most of you guys have studied.

The reason why I am writing about this is, unlike you all I studied in hinglish medium school. Me and my sister was the lucky kids who got opportunity to get studies in that type of school, before us all kids from our family went to Hindi medium government schools.

So what are the Hinglish medium schools?

Those schools who teach some subjects in English and some in Hindi. The mode of communication in this type school is totally Hindi. The school in which I studied from nursery to class eighth used to teach maths and science in English and all other subjects like social studies, civics, moral science in Hindi.

The students in such types of school get confused and can’t learn proper English. They couldn’t speak fluent English like students of other English medium schools. Their English vocabulary is also weak.

But of course these schools are better than govt Hindi medium schools. At least they set a foundation for English learning. All of you must know that after graduation there is no Hindi medium subjects and students have no choice and have to study all subjects in English only.

I also studied in hinglish school  so my vocabulary is not that good. That’s why in my blogs and posts you can see I don’t use complex English words and complex sentences. My writing is very simple and directly from my heart.

It is said that learning from books and curriculum is for few years but a person learn throughout his life till death. I am still learning. I already completed my phase one learning (my schooling) and phase two learning (with my baby) is going on.

Raise your hands who all have studied like me in hinglish schools?

Father’s day

As father’s day is coming, thought I should write something about the role of father in parenting. They are bread earner so they get less chance to actively involve with their child. But father plays a major role in the growth and development of a child from the birth through adulthood.

A wonderful and healthy parenting is one which involves both the parents taking active participation in a child’s life. Studies have shown children with involved father have advantage academically as well as socially over children with distant or no relationship with their father. Children who get proper caring and support of their father, grow up as a confident and outgrowing adult.

I was raised by my mother alone as my father worked in the army and served our nation. He use to come for a month leave every year. That time there were no smart phones and video calls so I remember writing letters to him.

I believe my mother was equally good in raising us but she was unable to fill his gap. So I grew up lacking confidence and became less outgoing. I always missed my father in every incidence of my life. As he was always away it end up lacking father daughter bond between us. I never shared any happiness or sorrow with my father like I shared with my mother. That’s why I feel the formative years of child plays an important role in creating a bond between father and child.

Best thing is my daughter’s getting love, caring and involvment of her father. While rasing her I have experienced that father tend to provide more physical stimulation than mother and fosters healthy development of child’s brain. If I ask her to do something she sometimes listen and work on it but when her father ask her to do same thing she will definitely do it. I have read, kids who frequently talk to their father develop even larger vocabularies. (Moms tend to use more comforting and nurturing words drawn from the child’s own world, while dads are more likely to talk about less-familiar interests, researchers say.)

So this father’s day it’s my message to every father, please get involve with your kids. I know you guys are too busy in your jobs but it’s a very important part of your life. Being a parent it’s your job to nourish the healthy relationship with your child. Be their role model and help them to become a good and confident person.